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Concrete Foundations

Concrete foundation services are quite popular since every concrete building needs solid rooting to support the walls and floors. As such, it is very important to work with professionals who can guarantee high-quality results such as a sturdy foundation for your building. At Mora's Concrete, we specialize in installing the best concrete foundation for your structure and needs. There are various kinds of concrete foundations available in the market, usually categorized into three main types, Slab Foundation, Poured Wall Foundation, and Pier and Beam Foundation.

Slab Foundations

The concrete slab is among the commonly used foundation for light buildings. They are both economical and easy to install compared to other types. Essentially, Concrete slab foundations come in three variants including those for cold areas, wet areas, and desert areas. Since they do not need major excavation, only the top layer of soil is removed and slabs are staked out using batter boards

Poured Wall Foundations

As the name suggests, poured wall foundations are seamless concrete foundations installed by pouring a mixture of cement and other construction materials. Having no joints, poured wall foundations are more durable and resistant to most agents that damage block and slab foundations. Its benefits range from design flexibility to water resistance, fire resistance, and easy maintenance. Vertical steel bar reinforcements are usually placed before the pour is made. Horizontal steel bars are also placed at the bottom and top of the poured foundation to increase stability.

Peir and Beam Foundation

Beam or pier foundations are installed to support individual pillars. They are separate footers that support vertical piers and are installed using a crawl space design with anchor plates and bolts already in place. Pier foundations also go deep into the ground to withstand the freeze and thaw upheaval.

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Some of The Concrete Foundations We've Done

Mora's concrete foundations
Mora's concrete foundations
Mora's concrete foundations
Mora's concrete foundations