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Concrete Retaining Walls

The installation of these walls will make the outdoor area safer and help avoid costly damages to landscape features. Most of these structures are also installed to create new living spaces such as decks and patios. Lastly, these types of walls are effective in improving the aesthetic appeal of any landscaped property. With these vital functions, it is necessary to hire well-experienced retaining wall contractors like us at Mora's Concrete. Our company has decades of experience in landscape design and construction, outdoor improvement projects, and water feature installation.

Recommended Retaining Wall Materials

Here at Mora's Concrete, we know how to install different types of retaining wall materials and use industry-approved installation methods. You may request for the segmental type or opt for natural materials such as boulders and rocks. With us, you are guaranteed of durable and well-designed retaining walls that can last a lifetime. This is not an empty promise since we have already proven our expertise to countless clients in the state

Concrete Block Walls

Most property owners choose concrete block walls because of the material's design versatility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of installation. Retaining wall block manufacturers also offer a wide range of designs that can easily suit the taste of discriminating clients. Some of the popular finishes that we can achieve for your retaining walls include rustic, contemporary, and modern. The final structure is guaranteed durable since the concrete blocks we use are made from the finest materials. Meanwhile, the segmental type is easy to install and proven tough when installed by experts like us.

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Some of The Concrete Retaining Walls We've Done

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