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Concrete Sidewalks & Curbs

Concrete sidewalks & curbs are popular additions that can make your home complete and welcoming. They can be installed in your backyard and/or front yard and come in various designs to accommodate different preferences. Besides adding decoration opportunities, pathways offer direction and can guide visitors from the sidewalk to your doorbell. When looking to install concrete walkways and pathways, it is important to find experienced contractors who can produce what you envision. As a reliable concrete contractor, our aim is to install the best quality concrete pathways and walkways in San Antonio.

Stamped Concrete Pattern

There are literally hundreds of stamp patterns to choose from, ranging from slate, to brick, to cobblestone, to botanical and wildlife themes. Because today's stamping mats are often molded from the actual materials they mimic, they produce amazingly realistic results. By extending the pattern from sidewalk to stairway to landing, the overall effect is even more impressive.

Here at Mora's Concrete, we make a seamless transition from flat surfaces to steps by using thin flex mats or texture skins in the same pattern as the rigid mats used for stamping the concrete flatwork. Made from a pliable urethane, these mats are easily bent to a 90-degree angle to conform to stair risers. Another handy way to imprint granite, slate, and other stone-like textures on narrow step treads and vertical faces is to use small texture rollers.

Benefits of Concrete Sidewalks & Curbs

1. They are Welcoming

The advantages of installing pathways and walkways are quite obvious. Concrete pathways are both easy to build and maintain. When finished, they add aesthetic appeal to your home making it more welcoming as visitors can follow pathways straight to your front door. Homes that feature gaping green lawns without pathways look incomplete and separate from the neighborhood.

2. They are Attractive

Concrete walkways also increase opportunity for exterior decoration. Besides making your home part of the community by linking the sidewalk to your front door, pathways can incorporate decorative flowers, lanterns and twinkly lights on the edges. Even without these decorations, a simple pathway will always look beautiful and welcoming.

3. They Can Be Decorative

Another benefit of concrete pathways and walkways is the level of customization available. There are several concrete paths you can build ranging from blocks to paving stones and poured concrete among others. You can also incorporate different colors and engraving, lamination, and decorative borders to make your pathways unique.

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Some of The Concrete Sidewalks & Curbs We've Done

Mora's concrete sidewalks
Mora's concrete sidewalks
Mora's concrete sidewalks