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Metal Or Wood Patios/Carports

We specialize in building metal or wooden patio covers that are designed to make San Antonio backyards more pleasurable. Our quality metal and wood covers not only protect residents from the intense Texas heat but also transform outdoor spaces into comfortable and relaxing backyards. The high-quality material ensures that each of our custom-built metal or wooden covered patios are durable and long-lasting.

Metal Patio or Carports Covers 

Metal patio or carport covers are a common sight among homes in Southern California. It’s no wonder: this lightweight, rot-resistant material is straightforward to work with and easy to install, even with very small crews. Gone are the days of flimsy corrugated Metal panels; they’ve been replaced by attractive designs that can seriously upgrade an outdoor space.


The Pros

Low maintenance

Metal patio covers are easy to clean with soap and water, don’t require any sanding or special sealant, and are resistant to pests and moisture.

Choose your own colors

Metal patio covers are pre-painted with durable outdoor paints, so you can choose a great color without having to paint it yourself.


Metal sheets are much lighter than wooden lattice boards, making them easier to install without a crew or helpers.

Large panels

Metal sheets come in bigger dimensions than wood, which keeps the price down if you’re looking to install a patio cover that is longer than 20 feet.


Metal patio covers are similarly-priced as wood. Therefore, you can install a functional, long-lasting patio without breaking the bank.

The Cons

Dents easily

As a thin, lightweight material, aluminum is susceptible to denting. If your patio is located under a large tree with heavy branches or in a high-traffic area (where kids love to play with balls or other projectiles), aluminum might not be your best bet. Higher gauge (thicker) aluminum panels are available but denting is always a possibility.

More functional than aesthetic

Metal patio covers serve an important purpose but don’t attract attention the same way that a well-designed wood patio cover does. If you’re looking for a show-stopper yard, you’ll have to work a lot harder to stand out if you’re using aluminum.


Wood Patios or Carport Covers

Wooden patio or carport covers offers a huge array of design options to match any home’s style. Like all building projects, pricing can range from very affordable to very expensive, depending on the design and whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a contractor. That said, here is the full scope of things to consider when it comes to constructing your patio cover using wood.


The Pros

More attractive

Wood opens up a variety of creative design options, depending on lumber type, stain color, design style, and decorative accenting.


Unlike aluminum, which dents easily, wood can stand up to more stress from high traffic areas without becoming damaged.

Decorative hardware options

Use of contrasting hardware in black or stainless finish adds visual interest and provides an attractive contrast to lumber.

A wider variety of designs

Wood patio covers look equally great in robust, stately construction or use in finer, more delicate designs.

Easy to replace sections 

Individual sections of lattice lumber are easier to extract and replace than metal. Aluminum patio covers come in larger sheets, which requires replacing a bigger section if damaged.

More finishes

Aluminum may save you time because it comes pre-painted, but your color selection is limited. With wood, you have the option of painting or staining your patio cover any color you desire, or simply sealing the wood to enjoy its natural look.

Extends the sense of square footage

While all patio covers create a usable outdoor space for living or entertaining, wood covers tend to blend more seamlessly with the rest of a house. Adding roof tiles to your patio cover that match your house creates an outside area that feels like a natural extension of your home’s living space.

The Cons

Necessary upkeep

Because wood is an organic material, it is susceptible to eventual deterioration from pests, moisture and sunlight. However, with regular maintenance (every few years or so), wood can be refreshed to look like new.

Natural imperfections

Once again, because it is a natural material, you can’t expect exact uniformity from every piece of lumber. You’ll see a minor amount of variation in color, striation and surface texture, knots or other natural imperfections between different batches of the same type of wood. 


So Metal or Wood?

Metal and wood are both excellent materials to use for patios or carports. Your choice will depend on the aesthetic and amount of upkeep you desire. No matter which material you select, a well-designed, securely-constructed patio cover is a great addition to every outdoor space.

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